Give yourself the peace of mind

Eventers is a full service event planning, management and consulting company located in Cairo, Egypt. We are here to lend our assistance and expertise to all your events no matter what their size, from corporate meetings and product launches to gala dinners and birthday parties.

When you have that special event to plan, avoid the pitfalls of trying to juggle multiple vendors and suppliers and give yourself the peace of mind you seek by dealing with professionals who have the experience and know-how to achieve your dream event.

Conferences & Exhibits

At Eventers we aim to make your conference as successful and as memorable as possible. Finding the right venue is of paramount importance. Once your venue is fixed, we design and create the right atmosphere to get your message across. Everything from lighting, audio-visual equipment and stage and set design, all have a part to play to enhance the effectiveness of your event. For expos and exhibitions, we assist you with stand/booth design and installation, branding signage, promotional gifts, and printed or online advertising.

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Corporate Events

It's no secret that corporate events can be a nightmare to coordinate, especially when done internally. To create a well-organized, impressive corporate meeting, gala award ceremony or off-site meeting, it can take months of planning. Don't waste valuable employee time by forming committees filled with people who may not know much about event planning. For the same price you might pay to "do it yourself," you can have your corporate events planned by professionals.

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Product Launches

Launching a new product can be a difficult and expensive experience. Pitching your product at your chosen market is easy enough, but knowing what sort of promotional event will get those prospective buyers out of their seats and attending is a different matter. At Eventers we have experience in product launch event management. We know what works well at a launch, what venues will attract visitors, what entertainment will hold the attention of those visitors, what type of catering will impress the most discerning of palettes and when they are most likely to want to attend.

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Weddings and engagements require a lot of pre-planning to make sure they happen without a hitch. Here at Eventers, we are well acquainted with the emotional stress that often comes with planning such an important occasion. But we handle it with care! From the decor, flowers, catering, venue, guest management and more, we've accumulated a great deal of experience in delivering and managing expectations from both families!

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An event for pure entertainment can be just as stressful to organize as a corporate function. Whether it's a concert event for thousands of people or a small intimate party for 50, making the event enjoyable, entertaining and fun, can be a real challenge for anyone. At Eventers, we let you forget the stress. We can help arrange your private parties from children's birthdays to anniversaries and more.

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Talent Management

Eventers takes great pride in helping people reach their full potential as artists and/or performers. As talent managers, we can plan and promote performers' upcoming gigs and activities. We take the hassle out of their daily business and can direct them to resources for developing their talent. We currently represent Harfoush, the Riff Band and Ellie of London.

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